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QWho will perform my surgery?

A Dr. Camran Nezhat will be your surgeon.  Dr. Camran Nezhat himself performs the entire surgery for every one of his patients. While his team assists him in surgery, he is the one performing the surgery. His surgical assistants include his niece, Dr. Azadeh Nezhat, who has been a minimally invasive surgeon for over a decade. Also, he accepts two or three surgical fellows who come from the best institutions across the United States and are excellent surgeons in their own right. This fellowship is a coveted position because for a year the surgeons can observe Dr. Camran Nezhat and in so doing they learn many of his techniques.

While Dr. Camran Nezhat performs the laparoscopic part of the surgery, although some people claim he has four hands(!), he only has two, so he may guide one of his assistants to do a diagnostic cystoscopy (looking in the bladder) or diagnostic proctoscopy (looking in the bowel). He is just a foot away, everything is done under his direction, and he is observing the laparoscopic and cystoscopic monitors in the meanwhile. Dr. Camran Nezhat’s greatest pleasure in life is to help his patients by performing their surgery, and he wants his patients to know that it will always be his most expert hands performing their surgery.

QHealth Insurance Plans Accepted?

A We currently accept the following PPO plans:

  • Anthem BC
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Multiplan
  • Interplan
  • Sutterselect

LAPAROSCOPY MYTHS : There are many misconceptions among doctors and patients concerning laparoscopy, the most common of which are discussed HERE.

We have found our patients to be very interested in their own health and well-being. Online research has been an important part of the education of many women who come to see us, so we try to offer all the information we can on disorders and how we treat them.

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