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Diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of female reproductive disorders

Disorders of the female reproductive system can be simple or complex. However, no matter the complexity, today essentially all gynecological disorders can now be treated using minimally invasive surgery (videolaparoscopy), as pioneered by Dr. Camran Nezhat. In fact, the introduction of videolaparoscopy by Dr. Nezhat revolutionized modern-day surgery, ushering in an era where blood loss now measures in the teaspoons instead of pint-fulls, and patients recover in days instead of weeks.

We understand that one of the most important first steps in your journey toward optimal health is to learn as much as possible about the disorder (or disorders) that may be causing your symptoms. Toward that end, we’ve provided a brief overview of symptoms and treatment options under each sub-specialty listed below. For those who’d like to learn even more, we’ve also provided links to dozens of educational resources, including peer-reviewed medical journal articles, medical textbooks, and a selection of high quality patient-managed websites that you may find helpful. Many patients are also finding the Endometriosis Research Association forum on Facebook not only uniquely informative, but also a resource for providing supportive feedback from other women facing similar health issues.

Minimally invasive treatments – procedure

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LAPAROSCOPY MYTHS: There are many misconceptions among doctors and patients concerning laparoscopy, the most common of which are discussed HERE.

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