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Cesarean Section Scar, Niche, Isthomocele, Uteroperitonial Fistula

Cesarean Section Scar, Niche, Isthomocele, Uteroperitonial Fistula

Dr. Camran Nezhat was the first surgeon to repair cesarean section scar by Minimally Invasive…

C-sections Can Cause Infertility

C-Section scar

C-sections can cause infertility. Mine did For a select few women, this could be the…


Gyn surgeons’ EndoMarch empowers patients

Empowering women through a grassroots approach is what Camran Nezhat, MD, a gynecologic surgeon in Palo…

Patient Advocacy And Activism Goes Global

Patient advocacy and activism goes global

Elise Travers, a patient advocate in New York City, calls the lack of awareness about…


Worldwide EndoMarch Looks to Break the Stigma and Silence Behind Endometriosis

Pain and infertility, two frightening words usually associated with Endometriosis, an abnormal growth of endometrial…

Reverse Vesicouterine Fold Dissection For Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Award Notification – MISWeek 2017

Dear Dr. Nezhat, Congratulations! After review of all videos submitted, your video titled “Reverse Vesicouterine…

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