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Endometriosis surgery decisions

Sunnyvale resident Rebecca Silberstein, who was diagnosed with endometriosis shortly after Thanksgiving 2009, didn't have…


Endometriosis sufferers long blamed

A medical review of history dating back about 4,000 years has found evidence of women…


Battling a shape shifter

Health experts struggle to diagnose a painful, enigmatic disease San Francisco Business Times by Chris…


The 2012 ACOG Mentor Award

Dr. Camran Nezhat has been chosen to receive the 2012 ACOG Mentor Award Dr. Chandhana…


Dr. Nezhat attends China COGI Conference

15th World Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility The "Wizard" of Laparoscopy will…


Robotic or Laparoscopic

Robotic or Laparoscopic? New Study Will Compare Simulation Training Techniques We are excited about moving…

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