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Endometriosis Treated With Minimally Invasive Technique

Endometriosis treated with minimally invasive technique

ABC 7 News – Endometriosis treated with less invasive technique

Another health issue facing millions of women is endometriosis. It’s a condition that often leads to infertility. Doctors at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View tackled a particularly challenging case recently and they used minimally invasive, robotic surgery.

Surgeon Camran Nezhat, M.D., pioneered many of the minimally invasive techniques used by doctors worldwide to treat endometriosis. The patient your about to meet realized the severity of her disease within the last couple of years as she and her husband struggled to conceive.

The patient came to El Camino Hospital in Mountain View from Portland, Oregon, hoping doctors here can change her life.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time the procedure is being attempted to be done by minimally invasive robotic surgery,” said Nezhat.

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