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Choosing endometriosis surgeon specialist

Endometriosis Excision Specialist in San Francisco Bay Area, California

If you need help choosing an endometriosis surgeon specialist here some useful information.

Dozens of studies have found that the two main factors correlated with successful surgical outcomes are the skill and experience of the surgeon. It is for this reason that women with endometriosis are urged to seek care from an endometriosis specialist.

Choosing An Endometriosis Surgeon Specialist


Surgeon and Non-Surgeon

Endometriosis Specialists

Some Endometriosis Surgeon Specialists are engaged in advancing the science and knowledge of endometriosis through research that can be found in well-respected, peer-reviewed medical journals. Some of the most respected journals feature publications regarding “Endometriosis” include: Fertility & Sterility, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), The Journal of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, OBGYN (Green) Journal, The Journal of the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons (JSLS), JMIG, The Journal of Human Reproduction, The Lancet, and The New England Journal of Medicine. PubMed and Google searches may be used to find publications online. The more publications an Endometriosis Specialist has in peer-reviewed journals, the more confident one can be in choosing that physician.


When it comes to the treatment and management of endometriosis, there is simply no substitute for successful experience. Identifying the number of years the physician has specialized in endometriosis is important. Consideration for an Endometriosis Specialist should include, how many endometriosis cases per week are performed and how many are deemed “advanced cases.” For “complex cases,” only an endometriosis surgeon with numerous years of advanced endometriosis experience should be considered.


A sub-specialist gynecologist or reproductive endocrinologist whoseprimary focus is the management and treatment of endometriosis is important. These specialists are abreast of the most current technological advancements for successful diagnosis, treatment and management of endometriosis. Their expertise is also highly sought after for future developments and solutions to end endometriosis. Physicians who are familiar with their specialized work refer their patients to these experts for care. Women who have experienced good results with their own treatment direct others to these specialists.


The world’s top Endometriosis Surgeon  Specialists have been trained at a variety of institutions with a primary focus on endometriosis. Physicians with post-graduate fellowships or training in endometriosis is also an important consideration. Fellowships emphasizing endometriosis are usually referred to as Reproductive Endocrinologist with interest in endometriosis treatment.


Knowledge combined with understanding is key for an endometriosis specialist. The effects of the disease in patients lives, as well as their family’s, is of great concern to a compassionate specialist. An experienced specialist not only listens to the patient, but also offers solutions to their suffering. A compassionate specialist’s concern extends beyond the operating or exam room.

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