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Q: Why do some women with endometriosis experience high recurrence rates of disease and/or pain while others do not?

A: Numerous randomized, controlled studies have shown that the skill and experience of the endometriosis surgeon, and complete and safe removal of endometriosis, are the single most important factors when it comes to the recurrence of endometriosis and/or recurrence of pain. When it comes to achieving successful long-term outcomes, including the lowest recurrence rates of disease and greatest relief from pain, Dr. Camran Nezhat is in a league of his own. In fact, for more than 30 years, other surgeons from around the world have been referring their own patients to Dr. Nezhat, especially for the most complex cases, such as those involving endometriosis of the nerves, blood vessels, bowel, bladder, diaphragm, lungs, liver, and other extremely delicate areas of the anatomy.  Even for the most severe cases, Dr. Nezhat has one of the highest success rates in the world for providing relief from the symptoms of endometriosis. And this is true, even though he takes on the most difficult cases and has the largest volume of surgeries than any other living endometriosis surgeon.

Dr. Nezhat is able to achieve these superior results for a few key reasons. First, because of his unsurpassed surgical skill – what many refer to as legendary – Dr. Nezhat is able to remove endometriosis from delicate areas of the anatomy that other surgeons simply are not skilled enough to treat. For example, endometriosis of the nerves can cause excruciating pain; yet only a very small handful of surgeons in the world are skilled enough to remove lesions from this area, especially when the pelvis and organs are severely distorted or fused together due to adhesions, friable tissue, advanced disease, and the infamous frozen pelvis. For surgeons who are not able to remove endometriosis of the nerves or other delicate areas, this means they have no choice but to leave it behind, where it will continue to cause pain and other symptoms.

Having performed over 14,000 surgeries, Dr. Nezhat is also the world’s most experienced endometriosis surgeon; there is no other living surgeon who has performed more endometriosis surgeries, all with the highest success rates and least complications. Such extensive experience also means that Dr. Nezhat knows where to look and how to recognize endometriosis that others have simply overlooked. Peritoneal pockets of endometriosis are a prime example. During surgery, the surgeon must carefully access delicate folds of tissue on the abdominal wall – referred to as peritoneal pockets – where endometriosis can sometimes be found hiding, completely obscured from the surgeon’s vision unless he or she knows where to look. This takes exceptional skill and experience to perform, because there are many major blood vessels, loops of bowel, and a potentially treacherous tangle of adhesions in the abdomen that can obscure the operating field, making such procedures extremely difficult for less experienced surgeons to perform safely. In fact, Dr. Nezhat has helped many patients achieve pain-free lives, who were previously in agonizing pain due to severe complications caused by failed surgeries that were performed by less experienced surgeons.
Dr. Nezhat is also the pioneer who invented video laparoscopy, what we refer to now as minimally invasive surgery. And because he pioneered the technique of video laparoscopy, naturally this means that Dr. Nezhat was also the first in the world to treat even the most advances cases of extra genital endometriosis in a minimally invasive manner. In other words, Dr. Nezhat was the first in the world to prove that advanced stages of endometriosis throughout the entire body could be completely and successfully surgically removed without having to resort to a laparotomy or open surgery, which was a procedure that involved huge, hip bone to hip bone incisions that actually often caused more damage than the original disease itself!

No matter what anyone has told you before, it’s not in your head; your endometriosis pain is real and it can be successfully treated. No matter what anyone has told you before, it’s not true that your advanced case of endometriosis is hopeless and inoperable. Don’t believe the myths. Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve better. For 30 years, Dr. Nezhat’s patients have walked into his office believing there was no hope to live a pain-free life, because that’s what they had been repeatedly told.  Yet, the thousands of women from the past 30 years and from all over the world who were Dr. Nezhat’s patients are living proof that you can have a pain-free life.

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