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Past, Present And Future Of Minimally Invasive And Robotic Surgery And CAMRAN NEZHAT MD

Past, Present and future of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery and CAMRAN NEZHAT MD

Since Dr. Camran Nezhat invented and pioneered video-laparoscopy (Video-Assisted Endoscopy Surgery) and demonstrated how it is more effective in treating pathology than laparotomy, modern-day operations have been revolutionized.Beginning with very big cameras that were developed for other purposes, Dr. Nezhat tried to fit them on the endoscope. Eventually, he was able to convince the industry to make custom-sized video cameras for endoscopes. Dr. Nezhat reported video laparoscopic treatment of stage IV endometriosis for the first time in 1985. He observed that if stage IV endometriosis can be treated by laparoscope, almost all the surgical pathology could be managed by this route.

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