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President Obama’s Letter

Dear EndoMarch Supporters, Volunteers, Chapter Presidents, Precinct Managers, Ambassadors, Country Presidents, and Country Captains:

On behalf of Headquarters of Worldwide Endometriosis March, we are honored to share with you President Obama’s response to the petition of members of Worldwide Endometriosis March on March 2nd, 2016.

We thank you all for your dedication and unselfish voluntary hard work to help young girls and women with endometriosis and their families.

In only 3 short years you have enthusiastically made significant advanced progress to raise awareness about endometriosis world wide.
We salute you !

Have a great summer,
Forward we go!

Camran Nezhat, MD,

President and Founder of Worldwide Endometriosis March (EndoMarch)

President Barak Obama Letter

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