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This man saved my life in 2009.
He performed a high-quality laparoscopy, removed a big cyst from my ovary, saved another one that was almost destroyed by the cyst because it grew to it. It all threatened my life, so Doctor Nezhat did the surgery in 5 days to save me. I was 22. Also, he discovered endometriosis during the operation, and he successfully treated it. Another top surgeon who saw me before him refused to deal with me because my case was special.
Today, I am absolutely blessed and happy mother.
This man is a doctor from God. Rare doctor today because his love to people is obviously the main reason he has been doing this his whole life.
I admire your work and sacrifice for people. It’s priceless. You have done so much for people! It cannot be measured.
May God richly bless you and your family.


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