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    Dear Dr. Nezhat,
    It has been exactly 1 year since my surgery and I could not keep in touch with you regularly since we moved our home to Fairfax, VA. I am still in the area on/off due to my job but things have been very hectic with the move and my son’s adaptation of the high school.
    I would like to let you know that I have been doing wonderful. It is amazing how much the surgery helped me; you helped me. Not a day goes by without me feeling thankful to you for giving me a second chance in life to be normal again, not to be dependent others and/or my wheelchair, to be pain free, to have the ability to have a kid. This was truly minimally invasive surgery even though my endometriosis was as invasive as it could get.
    I have been dealing with endometriosis for past 20 years of my life and have seen a lot of specialists all over the world and had 2 surgeries before I started seeing you.
    Review from Izabella Pena

    Thank You Card
    Fate has brought us together. I feel in my heart that I am meant to be a Mother. We start out as a spackle of dust, but some of us grow to change the world. You are one who has done that… Read more
    Review from
    Claudette B., Keyes, CA
    AWESOME, FANTASTIC, PHENOMENAL, KIND, WONDERFUL!! I could go on and on with amazing praises for Dr. Nezhat, his fellow doctors and the staff. They all hold a special place in my heart.
    Dr. Nezhat’s skills are fantastic, his care and compassion are wonderful! From day one walking into his office has been nothing but great. Dr. Nezhat and his staff always make you feel like you are the only patient he has at the moment, eventhough his waiting room is full. Dr. Nezhat and his staff always immediately answer any questions or concerns you have, and always putting my mind at ease. If it wasn’t for Dr. Nezhat and his staff I don’t know where I would be, after several years of going to doctors who either ignored me, told me I was making it up in my head, or just didn’t know what it was…..Dr. Nezhat took to the time to listen….can’t even begin to describe what a relief it was to find a Doctor who cared, took the time, and helped me out tremendously! Everyone in Dr. Nezhat’s office has always been very kind and friendly to my family members as well. During office visits, after surgery, answering questions any time of day. I am extremely grateful for everything Dr. Nezhat, his fellow doctors have done for me and my family. Dr. Nezhat and his fellow doctors are incredible surgeons, with remarkable care and compassion. I highly recommend Dr. Nezhat to anyone needing a great doctor and an excellent surgeon!
  • Dr Nezhat is as close to god as one can possibly get! What more can I say?
    Review from Sonia C. Campbell, CA 

    I had been suffering from lower back spasms and spasms of the psoas muscle for about a year. I saw a wonderful physical therapist who worked with me in resolving a lot of my issues. We finally got down to the psoas not really getting out of spasm. At that point she recommended I go see Dr Nezhat. She believed I had endometriosis. I didn’t really take it seriously then and ignored it. After a month of no improvement I made an appointment to see Dr Nezhat. Before he examined me, in a calm voice, he told me, I will barely examine you for 10 secs, that doesn’t mean I’m not thorough, it means I’ve been doing this for so long that I don’t need to spend too much time. He started the exam, and the fourth spot he touched and I winced in pain. He stopped and said you have endometriosis. That simple. I stared at him for a bit and then asked him if I should get the surgery, I asked him how sure he was. He said 98%. He then said, I’m not god, but I’m certain you have it. With 12,000 surgeries under his belt, and his compassionate face, I signed up. I met some people later on, who made me question my decision. At the pre-op appointment, I asked him again, should I be in more pain, maybe my pain is not strong enough? His response, “Sonia, you are saying you are hungry, and then ask me if you should eat?”. I was sold! I’m so glad I got the surgery done! I still have some ways to go, but I do feel a difference!Nobody truly believed or understood my pain except for people who had endometriosis and Dr Nezhat. I’m so glad I trusted him and went ahead with the surgery! You can see it in his face, he does it to help women, not for money. I hope Dr Nezhat can teach his technique to as many doctors as possible. Women shouldn’t have to live in pain. We make up half the people on this planet!! If you think you have endometriosis, you must see Dr Nezhat!
  • I had one natural miscarriage and afterwards had undergone IVF
    Review from Lara S., Los Altos, CA 

    We were blessed to find Camran Nezhat up at Stanford. I can honestly tell you he is the GREATEST DOCTOR ON EARTH. I had one natural miscarriage and afterwards had undergone IVF in attempts to conceive again, which only resulted in another miscarriage. Nezhat did laproscopic surgery to treat my endometriosis (the IVF clinic we had previously consulted said this treatment wasn’t worthwhile) and Nezhat found I had a thick septum in my uterus… When you have a septum, chances of miscarriage can be up to 97%. He removed the septum and we got pregnant on our own several months post-surgery. Unbelievable. I think this is a typical story for him in that he finds other doctors mistakes and gets to the heart of the issue. He proudly posts pictures of our baby on his wall and continues to provide top-notch care for me 2+ years post-surgery. He invented video laproscopic surgery, he is on wikipedia, and there are many articles on him and the outstanding work he does. We are lucky to have him in the Bay Area.
  • Thank you Dr Nezhat
    Review from Jennifer F. Santa Barbara, CA 

    Dr. Nezhat and Dr. Buescher were incredible surgeons and incredibly kind.  These are the surgeons you would wish for and set the standard for top medical care and human loving skills.
    We would also recommend the Garden Court Hotel for folks who need to travel to see Dr. Nezhat.     This hotel was the ideal place to stay for recuperation.
  • Dr. Nezhat is truly a miracle worker.
    Review from R. L. San Jose, CA 

    Like a number of people here, I was also struggling with infertility over the last three years. Despite numerous tests, the doctors never found anything wrong and I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Had a number of treatments over the last few years, including a number of failed IUI’s and finally a failed IVF.Then after my failed IVF, my fertility doctor suggested that I see Dr. Camran Nezhat for finding out if I have endometriosis and getting it treated. He spoke very highly of Dr. Nezhat, and we went and got an appointment to see him. Within minutes of seeing me, Dr. Nezhat diagnosed endo, and said that he could help me to get pregnant. I then had my laparoscopic surgery to clear up the endometriosis. At the post-operative check-up 15 days later he told me my chances of conception were very good. His words were prophetic- I conceived naturally in the very same month!I cannot thank him enough for making this miracle happen to us. We were planning to go back to IVF after recovering from the surgery, but I got pregnant even before that. He has given us the greatest gift we could ever get. He is a truly benevolent and divine person; he radiates a sense of bliss. While being treated by him, I felt a sense of total security- like I was being taken care of by a higher being, and all would be well because of him.He is an exceptionally skilled doctor. My recovery was very easy and I could walk within two days of the surgery. I also want to thank his excellent team of extremely nice and caring doctors, with heartfelt thanks to Dr. Miller. She was with me all through the surgery, and called me every day for a week after to find out if I was fine. She was the one I asked all my questions and worries, and was exceedingly patient with all my concerns.Dr. Nezhat is truly a miracle worker. He made the impossible come true for me, not just because of his superb skill and experience, but also because of his dedication and benevolence.
  • Thank you Dr. Nezhat and all of your staff! You guys are miracle doers!.
    Review from Krystina P. Downey, CA 

    Dr. Nezhat and his wonderful medical staff are AMAZING! I was referred by my hometown ob/gyn to see Dr. Nezhat for a large uterine fibroid. I was thoroughly examined, spoken with and the entire team went out of their way to make sure I had all the answers I wanted/needed and that I understood them. I opted to have a partial hysterectomy and underwent the 5 hour procedure to remove my fibroid within a month of our first meeting. At 30 years old that was a BIG decision, but I knew it was the right one. Dr. Nezhat was confident in MY decision and did not try to sway me. I was told after surgery that it was a good decision, as the fibroid was soft and it would have been very difficult to try and remove only the fibroid.The hospital staff at Stanford was excellent and I had a fantastic anesthesiologist as well. Everyone worked together and made me as comfortable as possible.It has been a little over 3 months since the procedure and I could not be happier! I have felt fantastic, had minimal pain after surgery and was functioning quite well all things considered after a month.I will admit that I was a little terrified about seeing Dr. Nezhat having read some information on the internet. While I do not know anything about that situation, I do know mine: and I would not hesitate to see Dr. Nezhat or his team again!
  • I have stage IV endometriosis and been trying to deal with this disease for past 20 years
    Review from S. W. Fairfax, VA 

    Managing pain not just with menses but every single day has been a normal part of my life. Before I became Dr. Nezhat’s  patient, I got 2 laparoscopic surgery and in between I had a son. Last year, I suddenly became immobilized due to right hip pain. I started to use wheelchair and tried to manage pain by lying in bed very still 24/7 which did not stop the pain. I started with orthopedist and saw a lot of specialists over the following 2-3 month period. Nothing helped with the pain, had to take time off from work for 3 months. None of the imaging showed anything, none of the specialists could tell anything. My regular doctors did not suggest any type of surgery because of the risks involved, one GI doctor was even too scared to do colonoscopy on me. When everything else was ruled out, I saw Dr. Nezhat and he promised me that he would make me 80% better but he made me 100% better. It was the best surgery experience. I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis,  one of my ovaries and appendix were removed, adhesion were cleaned and I am doing great. I can walk, stand up straight, and I am pain free. He even fixed a hernia that was caused by the previous laparoscopic procedure which helped  a lot in reducing my pain and complexities in my life. He is also very good at salvaging anything he can, which helps to keep your chances open if you would like to have kids. The surgery center was amazing -they do not start pushing you out as soon as you wake up- they make sure you are okay before you leave. The staff -both at the office and the surgery center- is very nice/helpful. If you have endometriosis, no matter where you live, it is worth to travel to have him operate on you for the best possible laparoscopic experience. I truly believe that he is the only one in the world who can do what he has been doing with endometriosis patients.
  • Dr. Nezhat was the third and final doctor I met with.
    Review from Megan P. Chico, CA 

    I had severe endometriosis, a bi-cornuate uterus, 3 major cysts, and a fallopian that decided to tie itself in a knot.  I was told by the previous doctors that natural conception is impossible.  Being a 25 year old, that was the last thing I wanted to hear.  It turned my world upside down.  After having a surgery by Dr. Nezhat and his team, I am able to conceive naturally and I virtually no pain.  I am only one month post-op and I have never felt so healthy and great.  His staff is kind, knowledgable, and accomodating.  I live 5 hrs. away from his office and they have never made scheduling an issue (twice I was having severe pain and they got me in that same day).  I owe my happy future and current health to him and his team.  He is a brilliant surgeon and I believe he is doing God’s work.  I am thankful everyday for him.  I would not consider going else where for this kind of expertise.
  • We were trying for a kid since 4 years but never were successful.
    Review from
    Mahesh C., East Brunswick, NJ 
    The review was long long due. We were trying for a kid since 4 years but never were successful. Later on , we went to a RE who performed a laproscopy and diagnosed her with endometriosis. After laproscopy, the RE did a failed IVF cycle. My wife was completed devastated.We saw no hope. While searching on the internet , we found Dr. Nezhat which has very good reviews and couple of bad reviews. We were initially very circumspect but we gave it a try. After the first appointment with Dr. Nezhat, we were very comfortable and he gave us a ray of hope. My wife decided to go for another laproscopy. Not only Dr. Nezhat got rid of the endometriosis and firbroids , she got pregnant twice naturally 4 months and 1.5 years after the surgery. We were simply speechless. Words are short to express our gratitude to him.
  • This man is a genius and he has the awards and accomplishment to prove it!
    Review from S. M. Berkeley, CA

    I’ve been accompanying my sister-in-law to her treatments with him and we’re both pleased with how much he’s been helping our family. Most of the doctors we’ve seen told my sister-in-law that she couldn’t get pregnant because of her endometriosis. But we finally have hope! She’s had one very successful surgery and is very healthy. The staff is great and the office is nice! This surgery can be a little scary but Dr. Nezhat talked us through it and listened to all our concerns. he’s really a brilliant doctor.
  • I cannot thank Dr. Nezhat enough for what he actually was able to resolve in my case after 5 years of trying to get pregnant.
    Review from
    Annett H., Sunnyvale, CA 
    I cannot thank Dr. Nezhat enough for what he actually was able to resolve in my case after 5 years of trying to get pregnant. I would never had any idea that I actually had endometriosis !!!
    …so ladies please be aware of this condition it is not that obvious most of the time, before you try for IUI or IVF….and not every ObGyn can actually diagnose this condition!!!!!!!!!! After my surgery with Dr.Nezhat, which was quick and easy to recover from I got pregnant 4 month later. My best friend who had the same surgery with him got pregnant after only 2 month, she actually referred me to him. I will always remember the day when my friend and I were sitting in his office talking to him about the suffering of infertility (my friend already pregnant). He said very calm and with the kindest smile you can imagine:
    ” Do not worry I will help you!” I just recently gave birth to my daughter and I am extremely happy.
    Dr.Nezat thank you so much that you transformed our life’s and helped to have our beautiful daughter ….we will be always love you
    My husband and I will keep you very close in our heart’s.
  • Before I saw Nezhat for my severe endometriosis and PCOS I was under the impression that I would have to have a hysterectomy and could never have children.
    Review from Seana L., 7/6/2009

    I have been seeing Dr. Nezhat since I was 18 years old (Im 25 now) and I cannot praise him and his wonderful staff enough. Before I saw Nezhat for my severe endometriosis and PCOS I was under the impression that I would have to have a hysterectomy and could never have children. Nezhat tirelessly worked to get me on the right medication, taught me about proper diet and after 2 surgeries I am healthy and optimistic on having children. His staff has been incredibly compassionate and kind, even when I was without insurance they still worked with me to make sure I received care…you can tell Nezhat does this for the love not for the money. Hell the head nurse remembers everything about me including what college classes Ive taken, where Ive gone on vacation and my brothers name (whom shes never even met)!
    Im not sure why this other reviewer had a bad experience since I have had nothing but stellar patient care from this office and I have recommended them to several other women who have all raved about this office. Yes Dr Nezhat is not the most talkative, but he has always listened to my concerns or worries and his bedside manner after both my surgeries was exceptional. I would say do some research on Dr Nezhat for yourself (outside of yelp) and you will see that he has received glowing praise from thousands (yes thousands) of women who thought they had no hope. This man is a godsend and I owe him my health and happiness.
    EDIT- I guess the woman who left the scathing review deleted it…well now nothing but stellar reviews like they deserve!
  • He found my problems that others had missed, cured me, and continues to provide caring follow-up 3+ years post-surgery.
    Review from Lara S., Los Altos, CA 

    Dr. Nezhat and his staff have treated us like family. After other doctors put me through a nightmare due to their incompetence, Dr. Nezhat was a Godsend. He found my problems that others had missed, cured me, and continues to provide caring follow-up 3+ years post-surgery. I love this man and can honestly say he is the Greatest Doctor on Earth.
  • 8 years, 3 different diseases that were previously undiagnosed, miscarriage, IVF the whole shebang..
    Review from
    Dog L., Menlo Park, CA
    I have been through the fertility wars…we are talking 8 years, 3 different diseases that were previously undiagnosed, miscarriage, IVF the whole shebang. Dr. Nezhat was a bright spot during my misadventures.
    First, Stanford REI suspected (finally) endometriosis…I had already been trying for a few years, and despite ALL the signs, both they and PAMF had not been able to diagnose my problem. They didn’t suggest surgery (the treatment for endo is IVF I was told)…it wasn’t until one of their fellows mentioned off hand Dr. Nezhat that I investigated. Astonishingly, they have now changed I’ve heard and recommend endo patients get surgery before IVF.
    I went to see Nezhat. He did an exam and could tell within about 2 seconds that I had it (I literally jumped off the table in pain). This after already seeing three other doctors…
    So I scheduled surgery. I was a little apprehensive because there was some (very old) negative press about him. So I asked my good friend who’s a surgeon at STanford about him. She asked around, and her other surgeon friends who did lap surgery (like Nezhat) told her that the general lap surgeons (not just the gyn lap surgeons) called him to bail them out in the OR. He is that good. Literally world renowned. She said if she were I, she would go to him.
    My case was one of the worst “a stage four”…I had extensive damage. I ended up with no scar tissue and was up and walking in a few days. He is an amazing amazing surgeon.
    I suspected 4 other women I knew of having endo….scary that I am doing the diagnosing, including my sister and my aforementioned surgeon friend. I insisted they see Nezhat. They all had endo and had surgery. 3 of them got pregnant with no other intervention after he did the surgery. One of them had been trying for 4 years…two months post surgery BAM.
    He is not only an excellent surgeon, but he is caring and compassionate. A real gentle soul. But with the abilities of Hercules. Not kidding, if you think you might have endo you MUST SEE HIM!. His nurses are also very caring. He works with a lot of fellows too, they are part of his staff. So you need to put up with that, which has it’s plusses and minuses. But trust me, I know more about this than almost anyone. He’s worth it.
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