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Michelangelo revolutionized the way we view art, during the Renaissance, by going against the norm. While the Renaissance ended centuries ago. Michelangelo has reappeared, but in the Art and Science of Surgery. Dr. Camran Nezhat, who is the Father of Modern Laparoscopy, revolutionized modern day surgery through his vision, perseverance, and humanistic focus. According to gynecologist Rene Charles, “People like Nezhat are a rarity. I’d compare him to Michelangelo, in terms of his surgical skills.” Not only did Nezhat’s early commitment to advancing medicine define the expectations for laparoscopic surgeons around the world, but he is also the leading specialist for treating endometriosis. If not the best, Dr. Nezhat is one of the best in the world for treating this enigmatic disease. His dedication to providing the best treatment, and hopefully finding the best cure for, endometriosis is unique to any other endometriosis specialist. Dr. Linda Guidice unveiled how “No one has looked at the chronology or done an evaluation of chronic pain of women over the centuries,” except for Dr. Nezhat.

Dr. Camran Nezhat handles every patient with the utmost compassion and respect. He challenges his colleagues to constantly improve their surgical skills, for the betterment of the patients and the future of medicine. Dr. James Carter even declared that Dr. Nezhat’s “sincerity, clarity of thought, and faith that the future can be made better than the present—if only we apply ourselves to the unsolved problems of medicine—remain a source of continual inspiration.”

You are simply wonderful

We will love you forever….

– M.M. & A.B. More…

He is a brilliant surgeon and an exceptional man

I’m from Chico, CA and multiple local OB/GYNs told me that I had no chance of conception and encouraged a hysterectomy- I was 25 years old without children. My case was so complex and rare, the local Dr.s didn’t know how to treat my condition, but their egos made them reluctant to refer me to the expert. Dr. Nezhat assured me that he could fix me and gave me his word that I’d be a mother one day if entrusted him. After 3 major operations at Stanford- he kept his word and made good on his promise. I now have a beautiful, healthy 4yr old- my son exists because him. He is gentle, kind, comforting, brilliant, and compassionate. God works through him- he is an Angel in human form. I am beyond grateful that I was blessed with his care. His staff was always friendly and supportive. He is a brilliant surgeon and an exceptional man. There aren’t enough stars to appropriately rate this physician.
Thank you Dr. Nezhat for helping me when everyone else said it couldn’t be done. I am blessed with joys of motherhood because of him

– Megan Petelin

Dr. Nezhat is undoubtedly the best surgeon

We tried to have a baby for one year. For my symptoms and because of being not successful to conceive after one year, Doctors suspected Endometriosis and I was diagnosed with the same.

We researched about endometriosis and came to know that surgery is the best option for us.

– N.N. More…

He’s amazing

He gave me my life back after years of Endometriosis. He’s amazing!

– C.N.

I’m so thankful that I’ve had the ability to have met such an amazing doctor.

I had a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure with Dr. Camran Nezhat to determine if I did in fact have Endometriosis.
He told me back in 2018 “This is not PCOS.. this is Endometriosis.”

People from all over the world come for his expertise and knowledge “Camran Nezhat, MD is the best and most experienced endometriosis surgeon specialist in the world and has performed more endometriosis surgeries
than any other surgeon.”

– Q.C.

Dr. Nezhat, is the best surgeon in the world

He is the best surgeon in the whole world! Extremely smart and dedicated to his work!

– F.S.

Dr. Nezhat, thank you so much

Dr. Nezhat, thank you so much for this channel! Your work is so important, sharing your expertise, creating the awareness and showing us what it actually looks like inside our bodies! Without your videos I wouldn’t have had the confidence to eventually seek help and push for a lap. My doctors were convinced I didn’t have Endo / Adeno, however after 23 years of pain, I had the lap and they found Endo everywhere! I’m 35 years old. Thank you!

– C.T.

This man saved my life in 2009

He performed a high-quality laparoscopy, removed a big cyst from my ovary, saved another one that was almost destroyed by the cyst because it grew to it. It all threatened my life, so Doctor Nezhat did the surgery in 5 days to save me. I was 22. Also, he discovered endometriosis during the operation, and he successfully treated it. Another top surgeon who saw me before him refused to deal with me because my case was special.
Today, I am absolutely blessed and happy mother.
This man is a doctor from God. Rare doctor today because his love to people is obviously the main reason he has been doing this his whole life.
I admire your work and sacrifice for people. It’s priceless. You have done so much for people! It cannot be measured.
May God richly bless you and your family.


Words cannot express our gratitude

Forever grateful

Meeting you has been the best experience of care & knowledge to treat my endometriosis

-Abby B More…    More 2…

I am happy to annonce that we are now 35 weeks pregnant!

I wanted to thank you all for your exceptiona care.

-Lisa Tuesta More…

Happy holidays!

Ehsun and I have a lot to be grateful for this year and one of the meny things is you.

-Monica & Ehsun More…

Thank you so very much

We would like to share our gratitude wit you for the urgency & care you provided in treating my endometriosis.

-Amot & Monique More…

Happy Holidays to You and Your family

I am so blessed to have met you and your amazing team.

-Sami Stockton More…

You are an amazing surgeon

Thank you so much for everything.

-Julie Lee More…

This year you have given us two Christmas presents

Thank you for your magic hands and expert knowledge for giving us a future.

-Peter – Victoria P


We decided on the name Cameron

How do you thank someone for giving you the gift of life? We just welcomed our youngest son Cameron into the world and he wouldn’t here without you.

-Sarah and Brian Lopatka More…

Your warmth and kindness go beyond words

I cannot thank you enough for helping me when others couldn’t see my pain. May the universe always bless you with health and prosperity. Wishing you the very best for this and all the new year’s to come!

-Eileen Vilar

Eileen Vilar

Thank you Dr. Nezhat & Team

Thank you

My husband and I expecting a baby

My husband and I expecting a baby

  • You all were so kind to me,
    To: Dr Camran Nezhat and all your wonderful staff
    Lisa Thorne More…
  • Many Thanks,
    For everything you have done for me
    Kathrina Tran More…
  • Dear Dr. Camran Nezhat,
    I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for the surgery you performed on me December 21, 2015
    Julia Forte More…
  • Thank you,
    Thank you for you healing hands… Thank you for your cowboy ways…
    You gave me a new life healed my body!
    – Linda Michelle More…
  • Dr. Nezhat,
    I come to you several years ago, struggling to get pregnant and because of the endometriosis, I could not. You fixed me up, and I have our first baby, Bryson.
    – Juliana Orme More…

  • Dear Dr. Nezhat,
    I painted this card for you, it expresses how you have given me life again.
    Thank you for helping me!
    – TV More…

  •  Dr. Nezhat,
    Thank you for all you have done for me!
    – Catherine Stansbury More…

  • “上帝之手,天使之心
    我 不幸,也同样患了这恼人的病症。我万幸,在经历了几次失败的手术后,茫茫人海,我知道了Dr Nezhat,Camran,他是美国妇产科业界公认的在微创、腹腔镜以及机器人手术领域,具有开拓性和先锋性的人物。他在许多主流媒体里出现,手术被无 数的医生观摩和学习。他是学者型的医生,既忙碌在临床,又同时在医学院里指导医学生。他象一个艺术家,他说一个好的手术医生,就应该是个艺术家。因为完美 的人体就是一部艺术品。
    在见到他之前我是绝望的。无休止的腹痛摧毁了一切自信和生活的乐趣。他坐在那个宽敞的办公室 里,静静地听我讲以往。最后微笑地拍着我的肩膀,充满信心地说,“放心,我会治愈你。”一瞬间,心里的阴霾仿佛被吹散了,我理解治疗异位症的艰难和反复, 但我相信如果世界上真有一个人可以做得最好,他便就是那个人。从他的眼睛里,我看到了笃定,看到了希望。
    Dr Nezhat是个充满耐心的人,手术之前做了大量的准备工作。不出意料,手术是极其复杂的,因为这是我人生中的第四次盆腹腔的手术,脏器早已粘连在一起,长期的炎性反应,使拔离变得极其不易。当我醒来的时候,又一次庆幸,新一天的太阳冉冉升起。
    Dr Nezhat 不仅是一个具有国际视野的医生,更是一个无私的知识传播者。他经常不远万里飞赴世界各地,教授当地医生微创技术,为贫苦的妇女做免费的手术。在中国的北京,哈尔滨,香港,都曾经留下他忙碌的授课手术身影。
    上帝握着Dr Nezhat的手,去抚慰病痛中的女人,因为他有一颗天使的心。.” – Shuqin
  • 我能找到Dr Camran Nezhat是老天爺仁慈的安排.他是一位仁心仁術, 醫術精湛的好醫師, 我衷心希望所有受不孕症或子宮内膜異位症所苦的女性朋友們都能有幸受到Dr Nezhat 的幫助.
    我自從初經來潮便飽受亂經所苦. 十九歳時發現子宮肌瘤, 三十歳時初現子宮内膜異位症的症狀.近年症狀加劇後多次因嚴重貧血和劇烈經痛進出急診室, 我的家庭婦產科醫師建議以長期服用避孕藥加止痛藥來控制病情, 但這只是治標不治本, 且直接斷絶生育的可能.
    偶然在上網時, 意外發現了腹腔鏡子宮肌瘤切除手術.進一步的研究更發現Dr. Nezhat 是最早採用腹腔鏡子宮肌瘤切除手術和達文西手術的泰斗之一.  所有我能找到的評論一致認為此醫生是婦科微創手術的先驅和萬中選一的世界級專家, 所以我決定安排初診見見Dr Nezhat.
    本來我不抱什麼特別的希望, 畢竟老毛病幾十年, 看遍許多中西名醫都沒有明顯改善. 但一走進Dr Nezhat 的診所就感覺有些不同, 他的醫療團隊既專業又極有耐心.Dr Nezhat 更不用說, 第一次見面時他就緊緊握著我的手說: “真對不起 讓妳久等了, 我能怎麼幫助妳? 請告訴我.  妳一定會好起來!“ 他對病人的態度, 真正是可以用熱忱和慈悲來形容.能夠遇到這種好醫生, 是三生有幸.
    後來我決定依醫生的診斷做達文西手術清除肌瘤和異位的内膜組織.  手術歷經三個多小時, 非常成功, 當天下午就出院了, 我術後二日就可下床自由走動.DrNahzat和他技術純熟的醫療團隊從手術前一週的術前準備, 到手術後一年的追蹤檢查, 都是盡心盡力, 對我如對自己家人一般地照顧.
    最重要的是, 手術之後我不再受劇烈痛經之苦, 經血流量也終於正常了! 我從來沒有想像, 人生可以再次從每月如受酷刑, 回復正常.我太感謝Dr Nezhat和他的團隊, 他的高超醫術和細心照料, 還給我一個正常的人生.現在我在做生育的準備, 希望 不久後就能和Dr Nezhat 眾多病人一般, 接到懷孕的好消息!謹在此再次感謝Dr Nezhat和他的醫療團隊.加州舊金山, 方筑
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