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Treatment of Endometriosis, Including Large Cystic Endometriosis of the Ovaries

Although recently there is a lot of controversy regarding excising versus vaporizing endometriosis, we have almost always excised endometriosis, including large ovarian cystic endometriosis.

Excision of endometriosis is not new. At the very beginning of open abdominal surgery, some surgeons even used to use their fingernails to excise the endometriosis. Now, of course, we have better and more sophisticated methods to use for removal of endometriosis.

Some physicians believe that it is better to vaporize large ovarian cystic endometriosis because they believe they can save more of the ovary.

However, we believe in the hands of very experienced surgeons, it is preferable to excise these lesions. Vaporization of the lesions is associated with a significant risk of undertreatment.

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